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Article AccessWeb server uptime
Our servers are monitored 24/7 . Below you can see an independend report from Pigdom our our...
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Article Can I change my payment options?
Yes. You can change your payment options at any time. Simply open a Support ticket with our...
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Article Can I change the domain of my hosting account?
If you have a shared hosting package, the domain you have nominated on your order is the domain...
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Article How can I add an authorised contact person to my account?
In order for you to authorise someone to contact us on your behalf, they are required to be...
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Article How can I check my bandwidth usage if I cannot login to cPanel?
Our MyAccount Portal automatically updates usage statistics on a nightly basis regarding your...
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Article How Do I Add A Contact Person To My Account?
In order to add additional contact persons to your account, the process is quite simple:1. Login...
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Article How do I cancel my hosting account?
To cancel your account or products and services on your account, please submit a cancellation...
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Article How do I upgrade my hosting plan?
If you wish to upgrade your hosting plan, you can do so at any time via our MyAccount Portal at...
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Article Identification Requirements (100 Points of ID)
For legal and client security purposes, for any major changes to be made to an account, we...
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Article Privacy Policy
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Article Web Hosting Terms of Service
Refunds If for any reason your are not satisfied with the Hosting Services provided, we offer a...
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Article What are your billing terms?
An invoice will be mailed to your client area email address 10 days prior to the due date of the...
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Article What payment methods do you accept?
We accept various forms of payment methods for our hosting and domain services. We can accept:...
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