Identification Requirements (100 Points of ID)

For legal and client security purposes, for any major changes to be made to an account, we require the submission of 100 points of identification to be provided.

The following reasons may apply for Proof of ID to be supplied:

  • Account Information Validation
  • SSH Access Applications
  • Security Details Incorrect/Misplaced/Forgotten
  • Incorrect Client Details Supplied

Proof of Account Ownership may also be requested if details listed on the account do not match that provided to us.

The table below outlines the Identification documents accepted when making major changes to your account.

* indicates required document

Documents that can be used for the 100-point identification check
Document Points
Passport (current or expired within past 2 years, but not cancelled) 70*
Birth Certificate 70*
Citizenship Certificate 70*
Australian driver's licence 40
Public Service Employee ID card 40
Social Security Card 40
Tertiary Education Student ID card 40
Mortgage documents 35
Letter from employer (current or within last 2 years) 35
A Rating Authority eg. land rates 35
Utility bill eg. electricity, gas or telephone 25
ATM card, credit card, bank book, bank statement 25
Council Rates Notice 25
Medicare Card 25
International driver's licence 25
Marriage certificate


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