How Do I Add A Contact Person To My Account?

In order to add additional contact persons to your account, the process is quite simple:

1. Login to the MyAccount Portal at
2. Select "My Details" from the top navigation menu
3. Select "Add New Contact" from the navigation menu
4. Add the appropriate contact details of the person who is authorised to contact us and select which information they are allowed to receive communications on and act on behalf of
5. Click "Save Changes" to add the contact person

If you wish to then change the default billing contact to someone you have added to the authorised list (such as if you are a web developer who has setup the account and wish to send the invoices to the actual company in question) then you simply need to go back into the "My Details" area once you have added the contact person and change the "Default Billing Contact" to that particular person in charge of the companies billing and payments.

It is important to ensure you have accurate contact information and authorised personel on your account as if someone does contact us to discuss your account, we will not communicate any information regarding your account with them under any circumstances. We make no exceptions on our customer security policy.

If you require any further information regarding adding/altering contact persons on your account, please do not hesitate in contacting us.

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